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Tasmania Bands is a site dedicated to original music in Tasmania.

Inclusion is currently still free but does have a few simple requirements.

- To be accepted you will need to have at least 1 audio or video clip listenable/ viewable at the top of your Facebook page such as via a Band Page, Bandcamp, Reverb Nation or Youtube tab. This is necessary for people to check out your awesomeness quickly and easily without searching all over your page. No music or video, no link. If all of that sounds to techy watch the video below for a super simple alternative.

All linked band pages need to show evidence of use in the last 6 weeks, this ensures Tas Bands remains an effective site for contacting artists. In other words you need to be checking your mailbox.

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with the following information.

Band name:
Band genre:
Facebook page URL:
If you have videos on Youtube (live or music video) include a link to the one (1) best clip and it will be added to the appropriate region's video playlist.

Youtube video link:


* The Tasmanian Bands list is updated monthly.  
* If you wish TasmanianBands.Com can link to your independent website rather than your Facebook page.